About GIPskins PPE

Charise's story

After seven years front-line experience within the Dementia Care sector, Charise Mullings, inventor & managing director of GIPskins PPE, wanted to come up with a solution to the problem of staff sustaining arm injuries as part of their job. This injury risk issue was also highlighted by a Research Advisory Group in partnership with Skills for Care, the NHS and Unison. 

Charise arrived at the concept of a protective sleeve and now, three years on, the product is ready to bring to market.

Our Mission Statement

  • To make personal care a pleasurable experience for both Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Users
  • To significantly reduce the incidence of arm injuries to Healthcare Workers
  • To reduce skin2skin cross-contamination between Healthcare Providers & Healthcare Users
  • To reduce lost hours and work-reluctance due to infections & injury
  • To provide a fair and diverse environment with equal opportunities for both our internal and external colleagues
  • To continue to grow personally and organisationally in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • For GIPskins PPE to be classified at 5% VAT

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