Healthcare Workers

GIPskins PPE: Healthcare Workers

Protect yourself from patient injury and skin2skin infection with PPE sleeves.

An introduction to GIPskins PPE for Healthcare Workers

GIPskins PPE arm protectors have been developed as a response to the growing problem of personal injury and infections suffered by Health & Social Care Workers.  
We provide a solution to the risks identified by both the UNISON report It’s not part of the job’ and by the Skills for Care report, Violence against Social Care & support staff’. 
Delivering personal care can be extremely challenging for Care Professionals as disposable gloves do not protect the skin on the ARMS from the dangers of injury and infection through exposure to patient blood and bodily fluids.
GIPskins PPE are re-useable sleeves providing a barrier and protection to the arm and the back of the hand. Combining innovative design with a specially bonded & coated Dartex material, GIPskins PPE will significantly reduce (if not prevent) the risk of injury & cross contamination to Health Care Workers.  
Nurse in Beige GIPskins PPE Arm Protection

GIPskins are antimicrobial, scratch & tear resistant, blood & stain resistant, antifungal, breathable, latex free, waterproof. GIPskins PPE fabric can be cleaned of germs to 99.999% when tested using Clinell Universal wipes. Other cleaning methods are also available.

Key features of GIPskins PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

7 sizes available - comfortable, breathable and ergonomic

Flesh coloured & aesthetically non-threatening to patients

Waterproof - washable & wipeable between patients

Reusable & hygienic and compatible with Clinell – Universal wipes

Antimicrobial, antifungal, stain and blood resistant

Helps to avoid the need for harsh cleaning chemicals on the skin

Allows for modest dressing within a healthcare environment

GIPskins PPE provide workers with protection and employers with peace of mind knowing that they are compliant with H&S Act 1974.

GIPskins Expo - Arm Protection Showcase

Healthcare Worker FAQs

Why are GIPskins classed as Personal Protective Equipment?

Anything that has been highlighted as a risk’ & protects a worker from that risk’ i.e. injuries or infections - is classed as Personal Protective Equipment under the Health & Safety Act 1974.

How will GIPskins protect me from infections?

Currently disposable gloves only protect up to the wrist, leaving the arm vulnerable to infections from skin to skin contact. 
When delivering personal care bodily fluids such as faeces, urine, vomit and blood frequently make contact with the skin above the wrist placing service providers at risk of catching infections - GIPskins will protect your arms from this risk. Therefore, improving infection control and reducing opportunities of cross-contamination within the environment.

What does antimicrobial mean?

GIPskins are antimicrobial -  Definition: Antimicrobial fabrics and textiles are fibre-based substrates to which antimicrobial agents have been applied at the surface, or incorporated into the fibres, rendering a product that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

Can I wear my GIPskins all day without taking it off?

Technically yes (in non-infection controlled environments)- But, we do not recommend this.
When in infection controlled’ environments GIPskins should only be used when needed & thoroughly cleaned between patients / clients / service users.  

I sometimes double up on my disposable gloves – can I still do this when wearing my GIPskins?

Yes, you may choose to wear one under and one over your GIPskins for extra protection.

Can I bath my client / patient / service user, whilst wearing my GIPskins?

Yes!  GIPskins were designed with this in mind.  Please ensure your clean and dry thoroughly ideally with paper towels before putting them back in their pouch.

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