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GIPskins PPE: Healthcare Providers

Protect your staff from infection and injury and protect your organisation against workplace insurance claims.

An introduction to GIPskins PPE for Healthcare Providers

Our Grip Infection Protection system, known as GIPskins PPE, has been developed as a solution to the growing problem of arm injuries and skin-to-skin infections suffered by social and healthcare workers

GIPskins PPE are patented PPE arm sleeves which cover and protect the length of the forearm, upper arm and the back of the hand. GIPskins PPE are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. They are breathable, waterproof, re-useable, washable, antimicrobial, antifungal and stain (including blood) resistant. In order not to intimidate sensitive clients, GIPskins PPE have been designed to be aesthetically non-threatening.

By combining innovative design with a specially bonded Dartex material, GIPskins PPE can significantly reduce the risk of injury and infection to (human & animal) healthcare workers. Thus providing workers and their employers with peace of mind.

Charise Mullins at GIPskins Expo

The Department of Health deplores any form of violence against social care staff. Violence against social care staff is clearly an area of concern for all those involved in care and support. Any act of violence against social care workers is wholly unacceptable.

The key benefits of GIPskins PPE to your organisation

  • The GIPskins PPE system provides a patented arm protector that reduces the risk of arm and back-of-the-hand injuries to staff.
  • GIPskins PPE reduces the risk of cross contamination from skin-to-skin contact with patients and exposure to bodily fluids.
  • GIPskins PPE will help reduce the risk of work related insurance claims. No Win, No Fee Solicitors are promising injured workers compensation from a £1000 to £6000 for a scratch from a patient. Feedback from government reports and from social media suggests that carers receive scratches on a daily basis.  Although most health care workers will not go down the route of seeking compensation, be compliant and provide your team with GIPskins PPE today.
  • Increased confidence, motivation and productivity of your staff who are providing personal care for patients 

  • Enhanced infection control – with mutual protection for both service user & service provider.

  • Fully compliant with 1974 Health and Safety Act as injuries to health care workers has been highlighted as a risk.

  • Strong return on investment (ROI) because of minimised lost staff days as a result of injury, infection and or compensation claims.

  • Durable and re-usable PPE.

The key features of GIPskins PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

7 sizes available - comfortable, breathable and ergonomic

Flesh coloured & aesthetically non-threatening to patients

Waterproof - washable & wipeable between patients

Reusable & hygienic

Antimicrobial, antifungal, stain and blood resistant

Helps to avoid the need for harsh cleaning chemicals on the skin

Allows for modest dressing within a healthcare environment

GIPskins PPE at the Care & Dementia Show

"I think they look absolutely brilliant. A lot of our staff get scratches during personal care."

Caroline, a quality care manager couldn't wait to buy a range of GIPskins to take back to her staff.

GIPskins PPE are washable, antimicrobial, blood and stain resistant, breathable, anti fungal, scratch and tear resistant, latex-free and waterproof.

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Healthcare Provider FAQs

Why are GIPskins classed as Personal Protective Equipment?

Anything that has been highlighted as a risk’ & protects a worker from that risk’ i.e. injuries or infections - is classed as Personal Protective Equipment under the Health & Safety Act 1974.

Do GIPskins meet the requirements of Infection Control?

The Dartex® material used in GIPskins is already trusted within the NHS. To ensure you follow Infection Control procedure in your workplace simply refer to our guide to caring for your GIPskins on our ordering page or via our general FAQs area.

Would someone be able to visit us and demonstrate GIPskins PPE?

Yes, we would be delighted to visit your organisation.

Try them out. Order your GIPskins PPE today. We ship worldwide.