GIPskins PPE: Veterinary

Protect your skin from infection and injury from bites and scratches in the workplace.

An introduction to GIPskins PPE for Veterinary professionals

Dexterity, hygiene and safety all play an equal part within the veterinary workplace.  We know that veterinary professionals like yourselves face the risk of personal injury and infection every day whilst at work. Here at GIPskins PPE we don't believe that this should be an acceptable workplace hazard. We have created patented arm protecting sleeves that cover all the skin that will come into contact with your patients. Acting as a barrier, your GIPskins PPE will help prevent scratches and damage from bites, thus helping to prevent skin2skin infections.

NOTE:  GIPskins PPE are not a replacement for gauntlets. GIPskins may be worn with gauntlets or when gauntlets are not practical e.g. when taking bloods.

Vet in GIPskins Sleeves

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging veterinary teams and pet owners to work together to improve safety in surgeries as new figures reveal that two-thirds (64%) of small animal vets have been injured in the course of their work in the last year.

Key benefits of GIPskins PPE for Vets & Vet Nurses

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protects the skin from blood & animal fluids

Suppresses Pheromones

Provides protection from infections such as ringworm, scabies and more

Reusable & hygienic

Waterproof, anti-fungal & antimicrobial*

Helps to avoid the need for harsh cleaning chemicals on the skin

Compatible with the leading clinical wipes – Clinell Universal wipes

GIPskins PPE Case Study: Jane, Veterinary Nurse

"I wanted to protect my skin from irritation from fur, chemicals and environmental hazards. As a professional we are also at risk from not only bites, but scratches in general."

A qualified Veterinary Nurse, Jane has a passion for writing and sharing. She's a blogger, author, and Youtuber. We met Jane at the London Vet Show in 2016, and here she gives her lowdown on using GIPskins PPE at her own place of work.

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Protect yourself from bites, scratches and allergic reactions to dog hair, such as the often irritating coat of Staffies & Shar Peis.

GIPskins Veterinary Protective Wear

Veterinary FAQs

Can GIPskins PPE protect me from aggressive & anxious cats?

GIPskins are not needle proof so a determined cat can pierce the GIPskins but will not be able to rip them. Hence minimising potential injury.

Do GIPskins PPE meet the requirements of Infection Control?

The Dartex® material used in GIPskins is already trusted within the NHS. To ensure you follow Infection Control procedure in your workplace simply refer to our guide to caring for your GIPskins on our ordering page or via our general FAQs area.

Will GIPskins PPE protect me from Shar Pei & Staffie fur?

Yes, absolutely!

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