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GIPskins PPE: General Usage

Protect your skin from infection and exposure to harsh chemicals whilst at work

Discover the benefits of using GIPskins PPE at work...

GIPskins PPE protect against infection caused by bites, scratches, skin allergies and exposure to bodily fluids.

Tear-resistant and can be cleaned with bleach-like substances

Can help reduce work-related insurance claims

GIPskins PPE can benefit a variety of workers from a wide range of industries including...

Laundry workers

Laundry workers can now protect themselves against soiled and infected laundry by wearing a pair of GIPskins PPE in the workplace.

GIPskins PPE for Laundry Workers
GIPskins Veterinary Protective Wear

Pet groomers

Protect yourself in the workplace from scratches, nips and bites from over-excitable dogs, such as Shar Peis and Staffies. You can also better protect yourself from exposure to cleaning and bathing products.


Protect your skin against exposure to oil and grease, reducing the need to use harsh chemicals directly on your skin to remove oil & grease.

GIPskins PPE for Mechanics
GIPskins protective arm sleeves


By wearing GIPskins PPE, cleaners can protect themselves against contracting infections through exposure to soiled sheets or other workplace hazards. GIPskins PPE will also help reduce the occurrence of skin sensitivity triggered by exposure to cleaning products.

Pest controllers

If you're a pest controller, then protect yourself from exposure to nasty environmental hazards whilst at work. Rat urine? Grime and faeces? Protect your skin with GIPskins PPE.

GIPskins PPE for Pest Controllers

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